"Retail point / dealer performance improvement is important in order to increase the sales point performance and to provide the same service quality to customers and consumers at all points in sectors where there are sales locations that touch the customer (firm retail point, dealers, franchise, etc.). We also provide consultancy services on dealer performance improvement.
Companies enter the market with a channel partner before localizing in new markets within the scope of their growth strategy. As the right channel partners are not selected and all strategies in the country are formed by the distributor, the performance of the companies in the country may be limited by the performance of their channel partners.
It is important to establish collaborations based on long-term win-win relationships with channel partners in order to increase the performance of companies in their target countries. Determining the brand and brand strategies in international markets in cooperation with distributors and proactively will help to reach the targeted position.
• Determination of distributor selection criteria
• Defining distributor management processes, defining company and distributor duties and responsibilities and designing processes
• Establishing an incentive and bonus system of supports that will enable the distributor to show the desired behavior